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The Freshest Ingredients & Championship Chili Powders to Make Your Own Authentic Bowl of Texas Red

New Mexico Light


Light in color and rich in aroma, New Mexico Light is a wonderful chili powder blend that is full of flavor.  Roasted California chili peppers lend color and taste to this coarsely ground chili powder.  Light only refers to the color of this powder as it is a full bodied product that does well in chili and enchilada sauce recipes.  As it is coarsely ground, we recommend using it up front to allow plenty of cooking time to make sure the powder breaks down completely.  Along with RT, Chimayo and Dixon, New Mexico Light works great with SA Red, Stockyards Special and SA Original.

Scoville Heat Units: 1,500-3,000

Ingredients: Ground chili peppers, salt, cumin, garlic, oregano, spices and MSG.