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Paprika - Spanish (Smoked and Regular)


Spanish Paprika has a pretty red color and very subtle aroma.  Light in flavor, it serves to add color to many chili and BBQ rub recipes.  If you need to add mild flavor and color to a dish, Spanish Paprika is an excellent choice.  Spanish Paprika is not the same as smoked Spanish Paprika as it goes through a different process that doesn't include smoking the peppers once they are dried.  Spanish Paprika is also very popular as a color garnish or as an ingredient in tamales, enchilada sauce and Southwestern soups and stews.

Scoville Heat Units: 1,000-2,500

Ingredients: Ground chili peppers from the Capsicum Annuum family.  The region in which the Paprika originates will determine which chili peppers are used to produce a specific Paprika.