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Paprika - Hungarian


Often associated with Eastern cuisine, Paprika is also a popular choice for many chili recipes.  If you are looking to add subtle flavor and give your gravy a beautiful sheen, Paprika will do nicely without altering the flavor of your recipe too much or adding heat.  Unless specified, Paprika is a mild spice with light flavor and aroma and very little heat.  Our Hungarian Paprika has a reddish brown color and is imported with a 120 ASTA rating.  The ASTA rating is determined by the amount of extractable color retained when making Paprika powder.  The higher the ASTA, the brighter red the Paprika will be in color.

Scoville Heat Units: 1,000-2,500

Ingredients: Ground chili peppers from the Capsicum Annuum family.  The region in which the Paprika originates will determine which chili peppers are used to produce a specific Paprika.